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Best Trumpet And Trombone Lessons For All Ages
Best Trumpet And Trombone Lessons For All Ages
Best Trumpet And Trombone Lessons For All Ages

The Teaching Room

trumpet and trombone lessons

Will is an experienced Brass Teacher offering music lessons in Portishead, North Somerset, on the edge of Bristol. His experience enables him to offer brass instrument lessons to people of all abilities. Will offers teaching on the trumpet and trombone, among others, as one-to-one private tuition. Whichever you choose, Will can ensure that you get to grips with all the techniques required to be able to play your chosen instrument. If you’d like to know more, check out Will Hall’s biography.

Beginner Trumpet, Trombone and Brass Lessons

Will has experience tutoring students in brass instruments from 6 to 86 years old and is just as passionate and enthusiastic about teaching beginners as he is teaching more experienced musicians in their journey towards diplomas and university auditions. Brass Instrument lessons are available to learn the following. 

  • Trombone - The three most popular types of trombones are the alto, tenor and bass trombones, with most new students beginning with the tenor trombone.


  • Trumpet - There are many types of trumpet, including the Piccolo, Pocket, Natural, Slide trumpet, and even the bugle. Their sounds range from mellow and dark to bright and penetrating.

  • Cornet – For the uninitiated, a cornet is a trumpet-like brass instrument. The difference between a cornet and a trumpet is it has a conical bore, is more compact in shape and produces a mellower and softer tone.

  • Euphonium – The Euphonium looks very similar to a Tuba but plays a range of slightly higher notes. It is medium-sized and comes in either 3 or 4-valve varieties with a conical bore and tenor voice. The name comes from the Greek word for “sweet-voiced” or “well-sounding”.

  • Baritone – Often referred to simply as a baritone or a baritone horn, this is a brass instrument that has a low pitch range and piston valves and a bore that is, for the most part, conical but narrower than that of the Euphonium, which has a similar pitch.

  • Tuba - The Tuba is a large instrument with three valves and a conical bore. It has a range of up to four octaves, making it ideal for solo playing or accompanying larger ensembles.

Brass Lessons for Children

An ideal time for anyone to learn how to play an instrument is when they are still young. Children are very adaptable to learning new skills, both mentally, but also to the physical challenges of playing a trumpet, trombone, cornet, or another brass instrument.

Playing a brass instrument is quite physical, so Will restricts the lowest age he will teach to 6 years old. Will holds a full DBS check.

Whether your child is dreaming of growing up to be a professional trombonist like Will and playing in an orchestra or simply wants to learn a new skill, Will can provide the perfect foundation for them to get started. His lessons are tailored exactly for the individual, and he works hard with them to ensure that they develop their playing correctly.

adult brass lessons

Of course, not every musician enters the field when they're young, and many adults take up the challenge of learning a brass instrument. Will believes that anyone of any age can succeed in learning an instrument if they have the dedication to practice. Will's tutoring caters to any level of ability, from beginner to advanced players.

Whether you are an adult who studied brass instruments a long time ago and are looking to sharpen your skills, or pick up some new tricks or are a complete beginner, all adult students are welcome.

As a new or returning trombone player, you will be able to learn about the techniques and methods used by leading trombonists, as well as gain a detailed understanding of how the instrument works. For trumpeters, you can explore everything from simple scales to advanced techniques. All styles are covered in the sessions, so you can get an overview of how the instrument can be used to play pop, classical and jazz music.

Teaching method

Will’s teaching method sets students up with a reliable technique that will help them progress through the levels whilst also instilling a strong sense of musicianship, focusing on reading music and rhythm and developing a good ear. He believes in engaging students by keeping learning fun and enjoyable using various approaches, depending on the age and standard.

Will believes music should be accessible to anyone, whether they are looking to progress through the grades, play for enjoyment, play in ensembles, or looking to enter the music profession, and he adapts his teaching style for each individual.

Students have gone on to play in jazz bands, pop groups, and symphony orchestras.

Music Exams and successes

Will uses the nationally recognised ABRSM and Trinity exam boards, and many students have gone on to achieve grade 8 distinctions and diplomas, as well as scholarships to independent schools. Students have gone on to play in county groups, The National Children’s Orchestra, and The National Youth Wind Ensemble (NYWE) of Great Britain, continue musical education at university, or play as amateur or professional musicians

Trumpet, Trombone and Cornet Hire

If you are new to playing a brass instrument and are not ready to commit to purchasing an instrument of your own, Will has trumpets, trombones, and cornets available that can be hired to beginners. Please get in touch for more details. You can also view a list of recommended instruments.

His teaching room is in Portishead, North Somerset, within easy reach of Bristol, North Somerset, Clevedon, Nailsea, Pill, Thornbury, and Weston Super Mare.

Lesson Availability

Will currently has spaces on Wednesday after school and into the evening until 9pm. There may also be limited daytime availability. Please get in touch for further information about this.

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